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CCIM Institute Implements “Blended Learning”

Blended learning is one of the ways that CCIM intends to bring itself and its members through the 21st Century.

According to B.K. Allen, the current EVP & CEO of the CCIM Institute, “blended learning” is the CCIM Institutes modernized approach to education, combining the personalization of the classroom with the efficiency of online training.

Blended learning starts out with an assignment from the instructor on concepts that the student can learn with either interactive internet programing or reading. Once the student has learned the basic concepts, they then attend a 1 1/2 – 2 day class with a one-on-one instructor who happens to be an experienced real estate practitioner.

This modernized learning approach is intended to combine the simplicity and accessibility of internet learning with the practicality and street smart eduction that candidates can get from the in-person time with an experienced practitioner.

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