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Is There a Confidence Gap between Men & Women in Business with Katty Kay

Katty Kay, lead anchor for BBC World News America and author of the Confidence Code,spends some time with me in advance of her presentation at the CREW Network Annual Convention in Miami on September 30th through October 1st.

Her book, the confidence code explores the confidence gap between men and women. Based upon her research, Katty believes the confidence gap is holding women back in business.

Her research also indicates that there is a genetic component to confidence in 25% of the cases. Yes, there is a gene for that. But it’s not all genetics and a significant part of the blame for lack of confidence is attributable to the environment.

Other interesting points raised by Katty include:

1. Women are perfectionists and won’t ask for a raise or promotion until they that are 100% deserving as compared to men, who will look for promotion when they are 60% confident of being deserving.

2. Women don’t take risks as much as men.

3. I like her phrase, fail fast. A friend says that you have just so many failures in your lifetime so get them out of the way as soon as possible.

4. Confidence is often about overcoming hurdles.

I believe that much of what Katty says is true. Even this video is a perfect example of how men are willing to take risks and not insist upon perfection.

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