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Should CRE Brokers be Dual Agents?

California’s recent laws requiring commercial real estate brokers to disclose, in writing, a dual agency, raises a number of questions:

1. Why was this a requirement of residential brokers and not previously commercial brokers; and
2. Should a #CRE broker accept a dual agency, disclosed or not?

I, both ask and answer these questions in my most recent video.

Something to Add?

  • Karen

    Is it ethical for a broker to request a participation in a commercial acquisition as part of their fee ?

  • Karen

    or should I say demand….

  • Mark

    I agree Howard. Dual Agency should be avoided. The best you can do representing two parties is facilitate the paperwork. When I have found myself in this situation, I have notified both parties to utilize their own counsel and my role was only to make the introduction and help process paperwork. The bigger issue is buyers/tenants expect free representation since they are used to brokers sharing fees. Each party should pay for their own representation. Do you know any attorneys representing both sides???