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CRE ~ ICYMI Commercial Real Estate Stories from the Last Few Weeks @ 11:00 am, PST 3/31/16

CRE Radio & TV’s “CRE~ICYMI” series is where we discuss the top commercial real estate stories from the past weeks as well as discussion topics submitted by our audience.  If you’ve got a great CRE story from the last few weeks, this is your opportunity to bring it to our attention. In addition, I will also be aggregating stories from various sources, including our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds, stories from Money Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The News Funnel, and many, many other sources. Our goal is to take the stories provided by others, bring them to life with commentary and provide a deeper understanding. You can simply watch on this page, (see below) or you can participate and be seen and heard online by joining “Blab” for free.  We encourage you to participate in the conversation which is a great way for you to show everyone your knowledge, intelligence and expertise.

Some of this weeks stories may include:

  • “Hotel, The Price is Right” the ever escalating bidding for hotelier, Starwood Hotels by Marriott and Chinese owned Anbang Insurance Group;
    • While we are on the subject of hotels, we might discuss where the hotel industry is heading and how it is dealing with the likes of AirBnb
  • Who is more influential, Gen X or Millenials
  • Recent cases regarding tenant insurance
  • Will CRE Lending up for some belt tightening
    • CRE Debt increase hits 8-year high
  • What is a constructive eviction and what does it mean to a commercial landlord and tenant?

Keep in mind that this is a discussion forum and we may or may not be able to cover all topics, depending upon audience participation. We do not necessarily stick to our suggested topics and are open to commercial real estate topics suggested by our audience.

CRE ~ ICYMI is presented on the “Blab” platform where the audience can join in the show and be seen and heard.  Blab does not require the downloading of any software and can be viewed on this page, (see the graphic below), directly on Blab or in other formats, post-production.  To join in on the Blab and present your story for submission, you will need a FREE Blab account using your FREE Twitter handle. Go below the graphic to see some of the stories that we will discuss.

Click here to see our last show in which Jerry Neitlich took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the conversation. The show is so much better when smart, experienced people like Jerry join in.

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