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CRE Radio’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice bucket Challenge

The sound on this video is not so good, so I thought that I should spell this out.

I, Howard F. Kline, on behalf of CRE Radio, do hereby challenge, Allan Buchanen, Linda Day Harrison, Duke Long and Barbi Reuter to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge This challenge includes and requires a minimum $50.00 donation by each person challenged to the ALS Foundation, with the exception of Duke Long, who is required to also donate $1.00 for every “F” bomb that he has published on his blog in 2014 and because he lies about his age.

Something to Add?

  • abuchanan

    Sorry, my friend. You are a bit too late…http://youtu.be/xE6U3TXRkuQ

  • Wow, you did such a wonderful job! Thanks for calling me out and why did you want to ruin your beautiful tie! You are a real trooper Howard. I am proud!!