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Creativity: An Essential Characteristic of Successful Brokers

In the first of a series of discussions regarding the essential characteristics of a successful commercial real estate broker, Geoffrey Kasselman, the Executive Managing Director & National Industrial Practice Leader for Newmark Grubb Knight Frank emphasizes the importance of creativity.

Geoff clearly expresses how our creativity is essential to:

  • problem solving;
  • marketing differentiation with respect to a property or representation. What makes you different from other brokers; and
  • niching oneself for career longevity

Geoff believes that the brokers who tend to underperform or fail to stay in the business for the long haul are the ones who tend to be the less creative brokers, the ones who follow a formula and stick to the surety of the formula and “never get out of their own way”.

I never really thought of problem solving as a form of creativity, but Geoff is absolutely correct. The people that you know who are the most successful are able to come usually first apply the tried and true solutions to problems, until the solutions no longer work. They don’t quit though when encountering a road block. They spend the time figuring out another way around. Those are the people that you want on your team. Those are the people that Geoff wants on his team.

How do you get those creative, non-quitter types on your team? Well, Geoff asks, some interesting questions of his brokers before he hires them. Watch and listen to the video for more information.

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