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Critical Issues When Leasing to a Marijuana Business

More and more states are now considering the legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.  MaryJane now seems to be going mainstream and, in some states, you are beginning to see storefronts proudly displaying symbols for the weed.

Are you considering opening your own cannabis business and looking to lease space or are you a landlord hoping to take advantage of the premium rents being demanded? Are you a leasing professional who wants to take advantage of these new opportunities or are you just interested in the topic of marijuana?

Whatever the reason, this is your opportunity to discover the myriad issues facing landlords and tenants who are involved in the marijuana business.

Our featured guests include:

Bill Kyriagis.  Bill is an attorney with the Colorado law firm of  Otten Johnson Robinson Neff + Ragonetti.

Bill Kyriagis represents real estate and business clients in litigation, land use and bankruptcy matters. Bill’s litigation practice covers a broad spectrum of commercial litigation, though his clients are primarily concentrated in the real estate, development and finance industries. Bill has also developed expertise regarding the issues faced by landlords and  property owners related to Colorado’s medical marijuana industry, and issues surrounding Colorado’s decriminalization and regulation of the recreational use of marijuana by adults (Amendment 64). Bill has worked on a number of pro bono cases, including a successful First Amendment challenge to local government land use regulations, and assisting tenants in landlord/tenant disputes.

Matt Chapdelaine. Matt is the CEO of Herbfront, an online, predictive mapping and zoning application. Herbfront helps marijuana entrepreneurs and landlords identify the states and particular geographic locations in each state that are favorable to marijuana businesses.

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  • Great job by all and great show! Learned so much! Thank you for doing this Howard, Matt and Bill.

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    It was a good show and is already available, unedited as a recording on this page