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Great Mentoring Does Make a Difference with MaryAnne Gilmartin

MaryAnne Gilmartin, CEO of the Forest City Ratner Co. is not leaning in anymore. She has been leaning for over 20 years. MaryAnne is there. She is “Being There.”

This is one, very impressive woman. Coming from a background that required her to work two jobs through 4 years of college, she has worked herself into the position of being one of the, if not the, preeminent developers in the United States.New York by Gehry

We spent quite a bit of time together at Recon 2014 discussing how she has attained the position that she is in.

MaryAnne credits much of her success to:

1. The “Power of the Platform”;
2. She had the great fortune of building some great buildings including, The New York Times Building, New York by Ghery, and the Barclays Center;
3. The fact that some of the most talented people in the business work at Forest City Ratner; and
4. The People at the Top. Bruce Ratner and the “Power of Connection”. Bruce Ratner runs a meritocracy. “He has always been about the best man or woman for the job”.

Other notable quotes include:

New York Times Building“When you model behavior and you can demonstrate to a woman that you do not have to sacrifice a family, you do not have to become a man, that you can be a woman, you can be a wife, you can be a mother and you can be successful.”

“For women who come into the company, there is somebody that demonstrates that it is possible, that keeps the women in the company that keeps them engaged, that keeps them hopeful and keeps the motivated…”

Something to Add?

  • Excellent interview. Good job Howard and congrats to MaryAnne on such an accomplished career! Thanks for sharing with us here Howard.