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For Some The Great Recession was a Great Opportunity for Investing in Residential Properties

For Rodney Montag, Managing Director of Mountain Real Estate Capital, The Great Recession was the best of times. Of course, Rodney isn’t looking at that time from the perspective of a home builder, but from the perspective of an investor in distressed homebuilding projects.

For some it was the worst of times. But as Rodney proves, with every loser, there is a winner and Rodney has been a winner.

Rodney confirms that his company in 2009 and 2010 were investing in deals with very strong returns even with the uncertainty to where the market was going. The exit of their investments during that time was equally uncertain.

For the last few years, the market has returned in various submarkets throughout the country and while returns have come down the exit of his returns on their investments have become a lot more certain.

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