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How to Go from Single Family Investing to Multifamily Investing with Joe Fairles

Joe Fairless is a self taught expert in single home investing and has made the jump to multi-family. During this show, Joe will tell us what he paid attention to and how he made the transition to a more sophisticated type of real estate investing. If you’ve been dabbling in the single family market and want to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in multi-Family, the hottest real estate sector, this is the show to watch.  This is a live, interactive, online TV show in which you can participate and ask questions. See and be heard.

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About Joe Fairless /LinkedIn/Website@joefairless on Twitter

Joe Fairless controls over $21,000,000 worth of real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Cincinnati.

Fairless is originally from Texas and uses his market knowledge and friendships to gain a competitive advantage since he began investing in 2008.  Prior to that, he was the youngest vice president at an award-winning advertising agency in New York City. His latest acquisition is a 250-unit apartment community and he currently consults other investors on multifamily investing. He is also the host of the popular show Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever where he has interviewed guests such as Barbara Corcoran and Robert Kiyosaki.

He graduated from Texas Tech University with Advertising major and an English minor. He’s on the Alumni Advisory Board for Texas Tech University and the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement in Cincinnati.

Joe’s real estate portfolio is as follows:

  • 168 units in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 250 units in Houston, Texas
  • 3 single family homes in Dallas-Fort Worth

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