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How to Rapidly Accelerate Real Estate Growth, Online

Joy Shoffler, principal of Leverage PR based in Austin, Texas discusses with me the three things that a real estate developer or syndicator can do to rapidly accelerate its growth. Joy is a nationally recognized author and speaker in the field of innovative financial services marketing and communication.

According to Joy, those three things are:

  • BRANDING ~ “just because you build it, does not necessarily mean they will come.”
  • ESTABLISHING CREDIBILITY, EXPERIENCE & TRUST through 3rd party validation such as appearing on CRE Radio & TV
  • MESSAGING ~ What’s your message?  Do you want to convince your customers or clients that you are competent or trustworthy? Have a good bio that’s written to convey that message, not in a logical way, but in an emotional way. I really like the examples that are included in the video that include testimonials. A good testimonial that is honest and sincere is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

According to Joy, most people have already made up their mind when the look at your website. It’s up to you to close them before they call you.

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