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The Most Important Element to a Successful Real Estate Firm ~ “People”

For those who know me, I am an absolute “technogeek”. It’s a label that my legal secretary gave to me in 1994, when I desperately and unsuccessfully tried to get this gizmo to dial my cell phone.

It was this little grey plastic box, about half the size of a deck of cards.  Battery operated, it had, what looked like a mesh opening on one side, where you could speak a persons name.  What it was supposed to do is recognize the name that you said, respond with the persons name to confirm that it accurately recognized the name and then when you put the mesh against the lower end of a hand held phone, it would make some tones that would then purportedly dial the person that you wanted to call.

There I was, in my office, yelling into this small plastic device in my hand, “Steve Wiegmann”

“George Burns?” No, I yelled again, “Steve Wiegmann”
“Susan Yardley?”

What the heck. It doesn’t understand me. Seriously, this thing understood me no better than people . And after a half day of trying to get it to work, I gave it to my father to frustrate him.

I was young and foolish back then and saw a future where technology would lead us out of the dark ages. What I didn’t understand then is that the technology was nothing more than a tool. It either made my life easier or harder. Particularly if it didn’t work, which it often didn’t in the earlier days. What I didn’t appreciate back then was I was in the service business and a service business is all about people, not the technology. Very few people care about your technology. They care about how you can make their life easier.

Barry Gosin drives this concept home in my interview with him. It’s all about the people in a brokerage firm. What’s top on his hot list?

The brokerage business is “about hiring, retaining, and keeping good people…… We are only as good as the people we hire.”

The thing that Barry thinks about most is:

“Who are the right people who could fit into our platform….what businesses we should be in and how should we give them the tools, infrastructure and resources to execute on their business.”

Comment on what you think is the most important element to a successful real estate firm in the comment section below.

Something to Add?

  • Irv Ackerman

    I am definitely am into using online tools to enhance my #cre business, but to most of my Clients the tech I use might as well be a foreign language. Instead of trying to explain the tech I use, I showcase the results of the tech that I use and how I use it to serve their needs better. People are the most important part of a Brokerage without them, there can be no growth.