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The Most Important Element to a Successful Retail Center

Caruso Affiliated, owner of the hugely successful The Grove in Los Angeles attributes much of its success to the “sense of community,” and how the center looks.

Brian Colacarro, Vice President of Retail Operations explains that the general managers are on property, before the center opens, making sure that the property looks good and with an emphasis on “guest experience and services.”

Can you imagine, they care about having a great relationship with their tenants, a lost art.

Brian spends some time explaining why he believes The Grove is special. It ranks in the top 10 in the most successful shopping centers, per square foot, in the world. It’s delivering a customer experience well above anyone can expect.

The Grove has a concierge service which, among other things, will wash your car and have your clothes dry cleaned while you are shopping or watching a movie.

Something to Add?

  • Mark

    Howard, did you discuss average sales per square foot for the Grove or other Caruso properties?

  • hfklaw

    Not in detail. All that I got was that they were highly ranked per square foot. I am sure that the information is directly available from Caruso.