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Live, Online Interactive Real Estate Chat with JW Najarian 12/16/15 @ 5:30 pm, PST

Commencing 2016, we will be doing a live, online, interactive, weekly, real estate chat on any and all real estate subjects. These will generally be audience driven discussions with portions of the shows, pre-planned by me, with the intention of fostering audience participation and discussion. Topic discussions are wide open and can include, what’s going on in CRE by region, the economy, sector, such as hospitality, industrial, etc., or by responsibilities, including brokerage or property management. During the rest of 2015, we will be testing out the platform and structure of the shows. For more information on how to participate in the show, see the instructions below. If you just want to watch, just click on the video box below.

For this first test show, we have invited JW Najarian, a co-founder of CREPIG, one of the original LinkedIn real estate groups with over 50,000 group members and On Purpose Magazine, an online magazine focusing on video interviews conducted by JW.  JW has decided to sell his CREPIG website and we will be discussing this and other real estate matters.

First, I would like to mention something about JW and his influence upon me.

December 10, 2015, was our 5th year anniversary of CRE Radio. Sometime prior to our first show, I had become aware of JW and Bob Schecter, through discussions on LinkedIn.  I had become a member of the CREPIG group, one of the earliest real estate groups on LInkedIn. In October 2010, I had decided to host an online, talk radio show, focused on commercial real estate. I had found a very affordable, online platform, Blog Talk Radio, “BTR”, to conduct the shows. As part of my research into BTR, I discovered that JW and Bob had already been hosting a real estate show on BTR. I contacted them and they graciously agreed to be guests on one of my first radio shows, discussing how to use LinkedIn for commercial real estate professionals.

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JW was the first person who introduced me to “do-it-yourself” video interviews that had some class and professionalism. While attending a NAR conference in Anaheim, JW interviewed himself, Duke Long and myself, all in one shoot. He set up his camera on a tripod and later did post-production editing. I remember asking him how, in the final video, he zoomed in and out and focused on each of us, as we spoke. As usually, he was very forthcoming and helpful with his advice, although, at the time, I had no idea how to do what he described. Now, video is my predominant medium.

For the longest time, JW pestered me to get involved in Twitter and, for the longest time I rejected his advice, telling him that I had no interest in talking about my meals and bowel movements. Twitter is now, my most active social media channel in which I have done over 10,000 tweets in 3 years. JW was right and I was slow to adopt. By now you should be getting the idea that I see JW as the leader and I the follower.

For those who truly know me, I abhore copying others. I try to distinguish myself and will go out of my way to do things differently. But somehow, whatever I have done, in some form or another, JW preceded me. It’s not that I intentionally followed him, it was just that our paths crossed once and then ran in horizontal directions with me slightly trailing. While I seem to do what JW has done, I do believe that my approach is slightly different.

For those of you who don’t know, JW has prostate cancer.  This is not intended as a eulogy nor am I hurrying to do this while I have the chance. I’ve been thinking about writing about commercial real estate social media influencers, but have avoided creating a list leading my listeners, viewers and readers to believe that whoever is on my list influences everyone else on social media or imply that the people on my list are somehow better than everyone else on social media. The truth is, those on my list may not be influential to others. With that being said, JW is at the top of my list.

One of JW’s landmark creations is the CREPIG.com is currently up for sale. The sale of CREPIG.com comes with many added bonuses which will give an investor a full social media presence of over 111,000 members, contacts and followers. Yes that means that you can have this group and several others as well as a huge Twitter following and the site membership of over 5K. During this show, we will also be discussing CREPIG and what it can offer for those in commercial real estate.

A quick mention about Blab.  Blab.im is a new live and recorded video platform that is closely linked to Twitter. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up with a Twitter account, just to watch a live or recorded Blab, but to participate in a Blab and join the conversation, you will have to sign up for a free Blab account using your Twitter handle. For those who do not have a Twitter account, this is a good opportunity to get a free account and join the community. But first, let me explain what I mean by “participate” on Blab and why I refer to a Blab as live, interactive TV. As compared to some of the other, popular platforms, such as Merkat and Periscope which are, what I refer to as a “one-to-many” publishing platform, Blab is more of a “many-to-many” publishing platform.  You can have, up to, 4 people on the live video/audio feeds on the screen at once while thousands watch in the background.  But Blab does not stop there. If one or more of the feeds, (seen as boxes on the screen) becomes available, anyone in the audience who is a registered Blab user can be brought into the conversation and be seen and heard by everyone watching the Blab. It can be the common man’s CNN, perfect for interviews and getting feedback directly from the audience. Another benefit of Blab is that it does not require the downloading of any software on your computer.  You can watch it directly on your browser, although I’ve been told that it works best within the Chrome or Firefox browswers.

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  • Excellent subject. JW is the pioneer of all of these communities and has done an outstanding job of pulling so many people together! Hats off to you JW!!