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Mixed Use or Unconventional Mixing of Uses Within a Shopping Center

John Crossman spends some time with me at the ICSC Recon convention in Las Vegas, Nevada this year.

John, like most other people in the industry, is seeing retail real estate come back from the depths that we had been seeing in 2008 – 2012. What he is seeing though is a change in the tenant mix in shopping centers, or what he calls, “mixed use”.

This is not his father’s mixed use as in mixing retail with office and/or residential. He is talking about being more creative with the mix of tenants. That’s where the “Just Call Saul” from Breaking Bad fame comes in. We still have lots of shopping centers to fill, so are we going to see more of the attorneys in shopping centers, who are also providing massages and selling bow ties, next to a veterinarian and medical clinic?

I don’t see this as anything new. Shopping center owners will need to continue to develop new and promote old creative ideas for shopping centers in an effort to fill up their centers and fight off the online retailers. I have no problem with this concept, so long as some creative thought goes into both the short and long term planning for the center where attention is paid to the creation of traffic to the center. If the mixing of uses is just about filling up centers, it will diminish the long term returns for the center.

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  • dcolachicco

    John is probably the most qualified thought leader on this subject that I can imagine. Great interview, great insights.

  • Trevor

    John Crossman is a fixture in this town and is an expert. He knows his business and is so active in this community. I’m proud to know him.

  • Tyler Wilkins

    Very interesting perspective provided by John. Enjoyed listening to this!

  • hfklaw

    Thanks all for the comments. Keep them coming.

  • shelby

    John should get endorsements from Breaking Bad for how often he references “Just Call Saul” on a daily basis! Well said, John!

  • Blank


  • Christina C

    John knows this industry extremely well. He is an amazing leader with a lot of insight!

  • Larry Vershel

    Retail centers that take a more creative approach will indeed survive and thrive, and John Crossman is leading in the right direction. I look forward to even more creative “mix” agendas in the future.