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Imagine, Building a Business Where You Can Make Money and Help Others. That’s a Win-Win.

Mark Kingston, former CEO of Argus Software and current Managing Partner and Founder of The Pavonis Group was on a mission to help orphans. He had sold his interest in Argus Software and was looking for something worthwhile to do.

Years earlier, he had made a commitment to helping orphans. It was just something that helped make his life more meaningful. Now that he had some cash and time on his hands, he began to explore how to further that commitment.

Getting together with a group of former CEOs and investors they developed a concept where, instead of just getting people to donate money to help orphans, they would direct their, considerable, talents and expertise to build and acquire “for profit” companies to to fund their charitable interests to help change the lives of orphans.

The Pavonis’ “Why,” as Simon Sinek might say, is “if they spent their money individually, they would feed 156 million orphans for a day. If they build a portfolio of companies that also provides significant value to the industry, they feed orphans for life.”

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  • abuchanan

    I love this! Great intro and content

  • Dolf Keller

    Life is interesting. I just met Allen at a presentation with Howard. Considering my involvement with Veterans and Transitional housing for families it would seem a cup of coffee with us 3 would be appropriate to explore if we could follow Mr. Kingston’s lead.