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Real Estate Capital is both Plentiful and Diverse ~ Interview with Collette English Dixon

While attending the CREW Network, (CREW), Annual Conference in Miami, I spent some time with Collette, English Dixon, former president of CREW. Collette, a principal running the 30 billion dollar real estate investment portfolio for Prudential Real Estate Investments, gives me her perspective on the changing availability and demographics of current, available, real estate capital. As we came out of the recession, it was hard to figure out who the buyers for real estate were. There were the usual suspects at the time, including contrarian, private equity that had cashed out ahead of the downturn. Institutions were close behind. However, now, according to Collette, there is a broad range of available capital, including off-shore capital, some of which you can tell is off-shore and some is managed by US based advisors. Some quotes from Collette include: Just as “you think you know who your buyer pool is, surprising people show up.” “Everybody knows that there is a lot of money in the market and money is flowing freely and when you match that with low interest rate debt, the buying power is magnificent.” “There is a lot of demand,” for well positioned real estate. “The US is seen as a safe-haven….. that is why a lot of off-shore capital continues to come here,” Collette and I also debate a bit on the topic of how safe real estate is particularly when considering how and when to sell. Here is a little inside joke between Collette and I. Before we started the interview, Collette asked me what we going to talk about. I responded, “I don’t know”. As you can tell from the video, we didn’t have much difficulty finding something to talk about. We didn’t need a script. Watch the last portion of the video to see our reaction.

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