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Social Media is about Relationships ~ Interview with Barbi Reuter

After a few years interacting with Barbi over social media, we really got to know and like each other. Barbi is now considered one of the preeminent CRE thought leaders using social media.

There I was, at a CREW Networks annual conference, surrounded by about 1,000 women and about 5 men and I didn’t recognize Barbi at first, but she recognized me. Imagine how embarrassed I was? I didn’t think I would, but I guess as 6’2” bald, 270 lbs. man wearing a bow tie stood out at a conference of mostly women.

Fortunately, Barbi forgave me and took some time to discuss social media with me and what we recognize as the incredible value of social media for CRE professionals. What I enjoyed most about creating this video was the genuine friendship and familiarity that we showed for each other.

For Barbi and I, perhaps the most significant function of the effective use of social media is the development of relationships. As you can tell from this video, we act like we have known each other for years although we had never met in person. In fact, have known each other for years, online.

Done correctly, online, you can develop the most important elements of a relationship. Likeability and trust. Meeting in person, merely “seals the deal”

The adoption and use of social media by real estate professionals is, admittedly, tepid at the moment. But when you consider how many of the CRE professionals were actively using and involved in social media, 2 years ago, it is down right hot now. Not only are more CRE professionals getting involved in social media, but they more are beginning to understand its value and use it effectively.

I have said this before, and I am saying it again. If you plan on being a CRE professional in 5 years or more, get started in social media now. While it may not be absolutely essential to your success today, it will be in 5 years. If you wait to get started 5 years from now, you will have already lost.

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  • How awesome! Love to see virtual become reality for so many of us who actually get to meet (or hug) Howard!