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Social Media Practice and Corporate Culture is Led by the CEO

I first interviewed Adam Ifshin, CEO of DLC Management at Recon in 2013. Since then, we have connected on Twitter and actually interact. From my perspective, Adam is one of the few, CEOs of a substantial company that actually gets social media It’s not about advertising, it’s about interacting.

“People who follow you are really interested and you end up at a level of engagement where,” you get a better understanding of the retailers, consumers, lenders, and investors. You get a better understanding of what works and doesn’t work that you do from print media.

Adam not only promotes social media for his company, but, as he states, his Twitter account is his own, with all of his faults and mistakes.

It’s fun, its a way to take a different approach to real estate. Its the lighter side of real estate.

Adam finds it interesting that a number of retailers that DLC does business with follow him and he says that they are always very interested in what DLC is doing. This all gives Adam a better understanding as to what motivates the retailers.

Having another touch point with your customers is invaluable.

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