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Steve Forbes and Howard Discuss the Economy, Women, Commercial Real Estate, Taking Risks & Not Quitting.

This is more of a casual discussion with Steve rather than a lecture. Nevertheless, Steve provides some interesting insights into his personality and beliefs. Despite being the head of a media empire, he is a real down-to-earth person who has and remains a champion of the greater good.

Steve was kind enough to share some of his valuable time with me prior to the CREW Networks annual convention in Miami, where he is a featured speaker.

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  • Trish Eilbert

    Great interview!! Steve seems like a super guy. You were very poised and didn’t seem nervous. Great questions too! Good job Howard!
    Trish Eilbert

  • hfklaw

    Thanks Trish. Any constructive criticism?

  • Cheryl Collins

    Good interview.

  • abuchanan

    OUTSTANDING! I love the “quote” and the way in which the two headshots interact. REALLY looks like a live interview! WELL DONE!

  • Wonderful presentation! So impressive on all fronts! OMG, 5 daughters and long marriage, how wonderful to learn this about Steve Forbes. I love interviews as they are so educational. Good job Howard!

  • Howard, the Buffer share button is not working for me. You can try it, but when I click it is not opening. I love the shorter format too!

    • creradio

      Thanks for the heads up, Linda. Looks like it was an issue with titles that contained the & symbol, which should now be fixed!

  • Congrats Howard. Great piece.

    • hfklaw

      Thanks JW. How is everything going?

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  • Wally King

    Way to go Howard! Stick-to-it-iveness….so true.

  • hfklaw

    Thanks Wally. Now, if I can only get your lips to match your voice on the video, you’ll l be sitting next to Steve Forbes

  • Hi Howard..finally had a chance to watch the video. Great job and the young guns don’t have a chance :)

    • hfklaw

      Thanks for the kudos, but sure they do. Not only they will have a chance, but they will run past me, bad back and all. By the way, you are one of those young guns and I expect to see you from behind soon. But don’t expect me to make it easy.

      • Wish I was young! I know you will put up a good race. Look forward to catching up soon.

  • Cindy Farmer

    Nice interview Howard!