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The Essential Elements of Successful “People” ~ Knowledge, Confidence & Action ~ Part V

Wait, isn’t this Part V of the Essential Characteristics of Successful Brokers from my interview with Geoff Kasselman? Why would I disrupt the continuity of this successful video series, just as I am ending it?

While creating each video in this series, I was aware that the lessons discussed with Geoff had value well beyond real estate professionals. These are lessons that apply to everyone. Lessons that many of us learn as we live our lives, as part of life. For someone like me, these are lessons that have surprised me as I have learned them.

In this final video of the series, Geoff and I discuss:

  • The Thirst for Knowledge;
  • Confidence; and
  • Action

as additional and essential characteristics of successful brokers. The essential characteristics discussed in this series are not every characteristic essential to a successful person or broker, but I believe they are essential to success.

To view all of the videos in this series, click each title, below.

Finally, this series is not intended to be the end of the conversation and neither Geoff or I think that we have touched on all of the characteristics that are essential to success.  Join in on the conversation in the comments below and give us your thoughts and stories about your successes and lessons learned.


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