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The Greatest Impediment to Success for Women or for that matter, anyone

Carla Harris, Vice-Chair for Morgan Stanley and a featured speaker at the CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellevue, Washington from September 3-th through October 3, answers the question, “What is the greatest impediment to success for Women?” In reality, her comments apply to anyone seeking greater success in their own endeavors.

Carla is a strong believer that everyone should invest more time and effort in relationships. Carla distinguishes between, what she refers to as “performance currency” and “relationship currency”, the later of which, she believes is the more valuable of the two over the course of your career. To Carla, what is important is, who knows you and who is willing to invest in you, behind closed doors.

We further discuss how people should go about developing those valuable relationships and the significance of trust in a relationship. Clue, understand what is expected of you and deliver it.

I love the comments and the value in actual questions and not evading the question.

This is a worthwhile listen for anyone looking to improve and be more successful.

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