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The No. 1 Critical Factor to Succeed in Real Estate ~ Part 1

Kristin Blount, Senior Vice President at the Colliers International office in Boston explains the importance of developing relationships in order to succeed in real estate.

Kristin, a real estate “advisor” as she prefers to call herself, (rather than “broker”), met me at the CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellevue, Washington. The interview was scheduled at the last second and I am glad that it was.

During this video, Kristin tells me how she first got involved in commercial real estate, a male dominated business and how she learned the importance of developing relationships. At one point in the video, Kristin describes how she was directed, by her male employer, to start in property management. Kristin credits this advice with her recognition of relationship building, but it also begs the question if there wasn’t some hidden chauvinism as part of this advice. There is no question that women, in the past, were always directed to the property management aspect of commercial real estate, as if that was more appropriate for women. ¬†What do you think?

In the comment section, below, let me know your thoughts. Was her early advice to go into property management, an underlying chauvinistic attitude or good advice?

Whether chauvinistic or not, Kristin learned a lot and became an outstanding “advisor”. From my brief time with Kristin, I suspect that, notwithstanding some chauvinistic attitudes, nothing was going to hold Kristin back from success in whatever her chosen endeavors. She is smart, driven, articulate and understands relationships.

Relationship building is not limited to real estate and Kristin makes the point that it is just as important to an attorney, an employee, an employer or anyone else, whether in business or otherwise.

For my part, and as I state in the video, brokerage is about putting people together. While it helps to know the business of real estate, your success is more likely to be determined by how well you are at making and fostering relationships.


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