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The Top 2 Reasons Why Men Should Attend the CREW Network Annual Convention (Video)

This is my second in the series previewing the 2015 CREW Network Annual Convention

I attended my first CREW Network Annual Convention in 2014 in Miami. CREW is an acronym for “Commercial Real Estate Women”.

CREW Network puts on one incredible convention. This year, they are holding their convention in Bellevue, Washington from September 30th through October 2nd.

In this video, Gail Ayers and I discuss the top reasons why men should attend the convention. But first, a little background;

I am a long time supporter of diversity and increasing the participation of women in commercial real estate. Whenever a woman would tell me that she was considering becoming a real estate agent, I would immediately recommend that she become a commercial broker. Heck, in the early 80’s, I knew only one female broker in New York City. What an incredible advantage, she had at the time, being the only female broker. Talk about standing out in the crowd.

Of course, things have changed over the last 30 years. Now when I go to conferences like RECON, I see many women brokers walking the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, making deals, just like their male counterparts. I’m not saying the gals have arrived, but they are making progress.

What a turn of the cards. In 80’s I go from knowing one female broker to the present, when I can be, perhaps, one of 20 men attending a conference with 1,000, powerful, creative, competent and intelligent women involved in commercial real estate. Now I am the one standing out in the crowd.

Seriously, while many of the companies involved in commercial real estate are still playing to the “old boys network”, there is some great talent congregating in one place, at one convention in Bellevue. If I was hiring or recruiting, this is the place that I would go to do it.

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