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There’s Lots of Investment Money Available, but it’s Where We are in the Cycle, That’s Important: Interview with Leslie Lundin

Leslie Lundin, Managing Partner of LBG Realty Investors sits down with me at the CREFC High Yield Real Estate Finance Summit in Santa Monica to discuss the current state of investor financing and who is the smart money.

Leslie tells me that all that money looking for a home during the recession has now started moving. There was a lot of money raised but not deployed. The question is; did they wait too long or is it still a good time to invest?

According to Leslie, it’s a good time to invest, particularly in retail because no one is overbuilding retail and retail sales are improving. Vacancy is also going down.

This video was produced by CRE Radio, hosted by Howard Kline, brought to you by the Law Firm of Allen Matkins, with the cooperation of the CRE Finance Council.

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