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The Top Changes in CRE in the Major Urban Markets

Lee & Associates Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Rinkov sees diminishing inventory and robust redevelopment in the major urban markets.

This really comes as no surprise to me. Really? Well, I guess I should have some idea what’s going on in commercial real estate since I have been involved in it over the last 38 years.

But Jeff is also reading the stars and says that the stars and the planets are all lined up for, what seems to be, a very long and successful cycle.

Is urban living simpler, which may be driving the urban commercial real estate expansion? If you asked me that question 20 years ago, I would say, absolutely not. But now, life seems to be moving so fast that urban living appeals to me. No car and the convenience of everything close by. Is it a baby boomer thing?

According to Jeff, developers and young professionals believe that urban living is simpler. How did I fit in there?

Think adaptive reuse in urban centers along with challenges to height and density restrictions.

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