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Top Reasons Why Women Should Be Involved in CREW Networks with Lori Kilberg

Lori Kilberg, CREW Networks 2015 President elect, discusses her top reasons for being involved in CREW Networks.

She is excited about becoming president and has focused her attention on helping younger women develop opportunities in commercial real estate and, more “senior”, women the opportunity to advance to their real potential that they may not otherwise have experienced without the support that CREW Networks provides.

Lori has found that with a national law practice, CREW Networks provides an incredible amount of support, including the referral system and knowledge base, nationwide.

Something to Add?

  • We would love to see CREW folks join tBL too! We do have some, but we should have many more! CREW is awesome.

  • creradio

    I wonder why there aren’t more women in TBL. Maybe we should do an interview on the subject.