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What’s in a Name or What Does Madonna have to Do with Energy?

No, you’re not likely to understand this title and I am sure that this title will make this video a little more obscure than normal.  Buy, you will just have to watch to video to understand.  If you’re looking for some earth shattering incredibly meaningful content in this video, forget it.  But it is fun.  Additionally, you will learn that there is something more to investing in real estate other than just what is above the ground.

Ascenergy is an energy company that discovers, develops and maintains energy producing oil and gas assets.

So why was it’s CEO, Joey Galbadon attending a real estate crowdfunding conference?

Ascenergy is a forward thinking company, focused on energy production in a sustainable and green way. It’s also forward thinking by attracting investors through “crowdfunding” methods. Why a real estate forum? Why not?

The IMN Crowdfunding Forum for Real Estate attracts the same forward thinking real estate professionals seeking opportunities to invest or raise capital for real estate development. Most, if not all of the attendees, however are focused on development and fundraising opportunities on the surface. Ascenergy focuses on opportunities below the surface.

Admittedly, the following video is not about advanced technology, or so much about real estate opportunities. It’s really more about the type of people that you may want to do business with. It’s more about nice people who want their business model to reflect who they are. Open, imaginative and fun.

So watch this video to have fun.


Howard F. Kline

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