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Will Technology Disrupt Commercial Real Estate? (Video Recording of actual, online, live TV show)

This is the full video recording of the live Blab conducted on October 27, 2015.

It’s an open discussion between Jeremy Neuer, myself and Linda Day Harrison.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, Allen was unable to participate in this discussion. In my opinion, a major loss. However, Linda Day Harrison from The Broker List admirably took over and stood in for Allen.Social Media for CRE Professionals is the Ability to Connect to People in a Huge Way


This started all started with a blog article written by Allen Buchanan that Jeremy disagreed with. You would think that they are both running for president. Let’s see who is really “the Donald” and who is “Hillary”. Will this be a preview of the presidential election in 2016? That remains to be seen although, Allen’s hair………….oh, never mind the name calling.

Michael Beckerman, CEO of The News FunnelSoooooo, Michael Beckerman writes a blog article entitled, “From Online Listings to Brokerage…A New Model.” If you haven’t read any of Michael’s blog posts, you should. Go to The News Funnel to read his blog. While he may not be as enamored with my content as I am, his blog is one of my favorites. I enjoy his topics and his writing style. In any event, Allen, being inspired by Michael’s post responds by positing that commercial real estate will never be disrupted by technology because:

* Commercial Real Estate is not a commodity;

* The revenue models for CRE are broken, by, among other things, putting the burden of the payment of the technology on the brokers; and

* Commercial real estate is too complex, which I suppose goes back to his position that commercial real estate is not a commodity.

Jeremy, in his blog article, disputes Allen’s conclusions giving a broader perspective to the term commercial real estate than that used by Allen. Allen wrote his blog post from the narrower perspective of the broker, where Jeremy approaches the conversation to include how the technology of the internet affects the use of real estate itself, including how online sales has changed the focus of retail centers into places to experience things rather than just to buy. There really is so much more to talk about, I thought that this topic would lend itself to a discussion.

Now, a quick mention about Blab. Blab.im is a new live and recorded video platform that is closely linked to Twitter. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up with a Twitter account, just to watch a live or recorded Blab, but to participate in a Blab and join the conversation, you will have to sign up for a free Blab account using your Twitter handle. For those who do not have a Twitter account, this is a good opportunity to get a free account and join the community. But first, let me explain what I mean by “participate” on Blab and why I refer to a Blab as live, interactive TV. As compared to some of the other, popular platforms, such as Merkat and Periscope which are, what I refer to as a “one-to-many” publishing platform, Blab is more of a “many-to-many” publishing platform. You can have, up to, 4 people on the live video/audio feeds on the screen at once while thousands watch in the background. But Blab does not stop there. If one or more of the feeds, (seen as boxes on the screen) becomes available, anyone in the audience who is a registered Blab user can be brought into the conversation and be seen and heard by everyone watching the Blab. It can be the common man’s CNN, perfect for interviews and getting feedback directly from the audience. Another benefit of Blab is that it does not require the downloading of any software on your computer. You can watch it directly on your browser, although I’ve been told that it works best within the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

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  • Finally got to watch and the edits were awesome. So much better and love the look and layout. Looks fabulous. Thanks so much Howard for doing all of this. Great job to you and Jeremy! I do agree that your next one needs Michael Beckerman too! I did not realize he wrote the blog.